Departmental Return-to-Campus Tool Kit

Department return-to-campus toolkits were developed by the IMT Resumption Mitigation Team to assist you in developing a plan for how your department slowly and deliberately moves your currently-remote operations back to campus over the coming weeks and months.

The guidelines are based on two key principles:  

  1. Maintaining the safety and health of our community by focusing first on functions that are critical to your operations and that rely on in-person interactions to be most effective. This aligns with the president’s and provost’s stated goal of having students physically on campus in the fall.  
  2. Ensuring compliance with federal, state and local guidance. In addition to the State of Oregon’s Re-Opening framework, we have guidance from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) specific to employers in general and in sectors relevant to the work that some of you do (e.g., restaurants, camps, and childcare) and guidance from the CDC on many aspects of operating safely. We also received further guidance from OHA specific to academics, research, and residence halls.  

We will continue to add to this toolkit as further state and federal guidance is received but we want to enable you to start developing initial plans now. The Toolkit is built as both guidance and a template. It provides questions and things to consider along with space to provide your responses. Please use these materials to draft a return-to-campus plan for your department/unit.  

 Download your Departmental Return-to-Campus Tool Kit

*Tool Kit last updated 08/03/20

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Centers and Institutes Administrative Return-to-Campus Tool Kit



Please submit your draft reopening plan to your respective Dean’s Office or to the Chief of Staff for your Vice President’s division. Departmental plans must be submitted and reviewed prior to any resumption of in-person activities. Plans can be revised as additional in-person activities are considered over the summer. Please note:

  1.  This process will dovetail with staffing availability surveys that Human Resources is coordinating 
  2.  This process will not cover building level plans – that will be addressed in a separate process.  

Thank you for working to develop a thoughtful phased reopening plan for your department, and for keeping the safety of our students, faculty, and staff at the forefront of your planning efforts.  


  • If you need further assistance or have specific questions, please contact Krista Dillon from our Mitigation Strategies Team.