Demonstration Education & Safety Team

The University of Oregon (UO) has a long history as a site of demonstrations and protests reflecting concerns directly related to campus, the community, nation, and world.   

At the UO, established guidelines protect the right to free speech, while ensuring that opposing views may also be expressed. The university strives to balance the right to dissent with the right to be heard, the right to speak one’s mind with the right to listen. The university applies its rules and expectations in a manner neutral to the viewpoints expressed.  

Members of the university’s Demonstration Education and Safety Team are charged to plan for and monitor events to balance freedom of speech with safety while also minimizing disruption to university operations. When possible, team members work with event organizers prior to an activity and develop plans to support the safety of participants and bystanders. This group regularly reviews policies related to demonstrations and protests and updates them to include developing best practices.  The designated university Demonstration Education & Safety Team includes representatives from the following units:  

  • Dean of Students Office 
  • Safety & Risk Services 
  • University Communications 
  • UO Police Department 
  • Erb Memorial Union 
  • Chiefs of Staff  
  • General Counsel  
  • Government & Community Relations 

Questions about the team can be directed to

For more information visit Free Speech and Safety at UO.