Incident Management Team

The IMT provides the command and control infrastructure that is required to manage the logistical, fiscal, planning, operational, safety, and campus issues related to any and all incidents/emergencies. IMT is comprised of two groups: 1) Emergency Operations Center Team made up of the individuals who would serve as the primary Incident Commanders and Command and General Staff and 2) Field Team made up of those individuals whose response roles are out in the field.  An incident’s type and size will dictate whether all or some of the IMT members are activated. All IMT members are working towards a FEMA Type 3 position specific training certification and completion of a position specific task-book. IMT meets monthly to develop plans and to train and exercise those plans. 

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Echoing the IMT description and organization chart above, an incident specific structure was developed for CoVid-19. Please click the buttons below to view the CoVid-19-specific structure currently in place.

CoVid-19 Incident Management Team Summary

CoVid-19 IMT Organization Chart



Incident Response

The following is a brief summary of the past incidents that the IMT has been either partially or fully activated for:

  • Gas leaks
  • Communicable disease outbreaks (meningitis and Coronavirus)
  • Power outages
  • Severe weather
  • Air quality
  • Demonstrations 
  • Active shooter (assisted another organization)
  • Fire in a research facility
  • Bomb threats

In addition to incidents, the IMT develops plans for special events such as: football games, major track and field events, concerts, VIP visits, etc.