Radioactive Waste Pick-up

Radioactive waste is collected by Environmental Health and Safety.


  • Jenny Kane, Hazardous Materials Specialist, (P) 541-346-2719
  • Steve Stuckmeyer, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Radiation Safety Officer (P) 541-346-3197


1. Complete a Radioactive Waste Tag for each container to be collected by Environmental Health and Safety.

2. Use the Procedure for Radioactive Waste worksheet to determine the activity for each container.

3. Submit your service request through our online system.

4. Upon login to your laboratory's on-line interface, you will be able to submit requests and view the queue of existing requests.

Provide all information required by the submittal form and allow two business days for collection.

Information and Resources

Additional information may be found in the Radiation Safety Manual, Section IX, Radioactive Waste Disposal.

You may also review a short tutorial on how to submit a request.