Online Lab Safety Training

The University of Oregon (UO) has partnered with The Safety Training Consortium of The UC Center for Laboratory Safety to provide trainings built by and for academic research research professionals.  While the principals of safety are universal, some information and contacts will be specific to UC system schools.

Work is ongoing to host the program and allow access through MyTrack. EHS is also working on a UO specific version.

In the meantime click HERE for Laboratory Safety Fundamentals TrainingClick HERE for Hazardous Waste Management.


Pass the 4 moduleslog on to EHS assist and submit attestation

There are 4 critical aspects of lab safety:

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. Analyzing Hazards
  3. Controlling Exposure and Minimizing Risk
  4. Vigilance in the Laboratory

If you have not used EHS Assist before, please log-in HERE and create a PROFILE.


Finally, to get credit, please complete this FORM and send to

BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS (online)  and  UO FIRE PROTECTION IN LABS (online) Trainings can also be found HERE.



Matthew Hendrickson, Chemical Safety Officer 541-346-9299


Laurie Graham, Laboratory Safety Officer 541-346-2864