Research Safety Program

The Research Safety Program assists faculty, staff, students and visitors within research units to safely conduct research, to create safe research environments, and to achieve and maintain compliance with regulations related to health, safety, and protection of the environment.  



  • Hallie Hoskins, Laboratory Safety Manager, Biosafety Officer (P) 541-346-3476

Controlled Substances:

  • Hallie Hoskins, Laboratory Safety Manager, Biosafety Officer (P) 541-346-3476


General Laboratory Safety:

  • Luke Sitts, Laboratory Safety Officer, (P) 541-346-2864


  • Fatima Khokonova, Radiation Safety Specialist (P) 541-346-3507
  • Steve Stuckmeyer, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Radiation Safety Officer (P) 541-346-3197

General rules for use

The cross-disciplinary team supports the safe use of biological, chemical, controlled substances and radiological materials at the university, and staffs specialists in these areas and in general laboratory safety. 

Research Safety works collaboratively with all stakeholders to develop, implement, and provide oversight to the university’s comprehensive research safety programs.


Chemical Safety Assistant
Controlled Substances
Institutional Biosafety Committee
Lab Incident Response
Laboratory Safety
Laser Safety Program
Animal Occupational Health Program
Radiation Safety
Research Safety
Safety in the Arts


For clearly identified regulations, rules, and consensus standards pertinent to laboratory operations, date of last review, and affected University units, please see the Lab Specific Compliance Matrix.

Information and Resources

Information about hazardous materials including disposal, storage and transporting is also available.