The Campus Map

Published by the Location Innovation Lab, the Campus Map helps users virtually explore the University of Oregon. Users can move between UO campuses, go inside buildings, search for points of interest, and use map apps to find resources. UO students and employees can access special features and customizable settings by logging in.

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Map Icons and Features

Click or tap on the map and a pop-up window will appear with information about the location you've selected. In the footer of the pop-up window a selection of icons displays actions that can be taken.

Common Icons and Their Meanings

  • Select the person with door icon to enter a building and see individual rooms. Move between floors by using the up and down stair icons on the right side of the screen.
  • Once indoors, select the exit icon to leave a building.
  • To create your own map, start by selecting the map pin icon.
  • Select the XY to copy the latitude and longitude of a place.

Features for Students and Employees

After logging in UO students and employees can:

  • Set a home campus by selecting the gear icon and choosing a location from the drop-down menu.
  • Set a list of favorite apps by selecting the heart icon. This makes them faster to access in the future.
  • Select the My Maps app to find previously created maps.
  • Students and employees may have access to additional apps, such as the My Class Map for enrolled students.

My Class Map

My Class Map is personalized with a student's current course schedule at the start of each term. Each class is mapped to the room-level. The map updates in the middle of term to the locations of final exams. Students must be currently enrolled and login to view their map.

More for Employees

Logged in employees may have additional data and tools based on access level.

  • The Measure Tool and Show Circulation Indoors options can be found by selecting the gear icon.
  • Building-level details and downloadable maps are available by selecting a building. In the footer of the pop-up window, select the bubble with three dots icon.
  • For room-level information, go inside the building and click on a room. Select the same icon in the footer to find room details and facilities liaisons.
  • All Indoor Viewer, Call Log, and UO Spaces have been integrated into the map.

Public Apps

Public map apps identify resources, historical information, and tools. Turn on map apps from the main menu.  

Some map apps are available across multiple campuses while others are specific to a single location. For example, on the Eugene Campus the Bee Campus app highlights pollinator-friendly locations and the Indigenous UO app shows key points of interests related to Native American and Indigenous history on campus.

The best way to learn about each app is to visit the campus map.