The Campus Map 

The Campus Map is your one stop shop for all your mapping needs. We've got over 20,000 searchable rooms, indoor maps, thousands of searchable points of interest, and custom apps - built on top of our Geographic Information System (GIS) -  that our team create and maintain every day. You can access all our maps from your web browser at or from within the UO's official iPhone and Android apps - UOregon Mobile.  The Location Innovation Lab team has been providing the official maps and mapping applications to the UO community for over 20 years. 

Our team of developers, GIS analysts and students built our system in-house, from the ground up, provide the most cutting edge mapping and location services. We take great pride that our platform is Made by Ducks - for Ducks. We collaborate closely with our friends and colleagues in Geography and the InfoGraphics Lab, as well as directly involve students from departments across campus to constantly evolve the map. We've built a wide ranging suite of custom apps on top of our platform to help campus opereate more efficiently and safely - many availble to the public - many others are for specialized, secure use by UO administrative and operational staff. Our custom API is available for use by UO developers and students. Drop us a line if you're interested in using our API -- or if you're just interested to learn more about how we do what we do. Keep scrolling to learn about more features like - searching for classrooms, creating/saving/sharing your own maps and pins, finding a parking space. We also maintain a suite of standard print-ready maps in PDF format. We continually review our analytics to learn what users are clicking on the most. If you're curious about some of the data - such as 70% of users come to the map from a mobile device - and Apple devices are by far the most used - and that we'll see about 500,000 map hits over a year - click here to see some of our analytics. 

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Accessing Map Apps

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Here are some interesting factoids for Fall Term 2017's Campus Map usage (through November 16, 2017)

Basic Stats for Map Traffic for Fall Term 2017
Safari and Chrome are top Browsers
Mobile Devices!
Apple Devices are by far the Most Frequent 
Of the 152 Countries (not the US) visiting the map - These are the Top 10
Of the 4853 Cities (not Eugene) visiting the map - These are the to 25