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The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) defines ergonomics as the science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population. In general terms, ergonomics is about fitting the work/task to the person rather than fitting the person to the work/task.

Ergonomic risk factors include:

  • Awkward postures - Positioning body parts away from their neutral position (or a natural relaxed position)
  • Contact pressure – Prolonged contact between a body part and an object
  • Excessive force or forceful exertion – Physical effort applied to a body part to perform a task
  • Repetitive motion – Repeatedly performing a motion
  • Static postures – Holding a body part in a single position over a long period of time

Ergonomic solutions can improve employee safety, comfort and productivity. Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) staff are available upon request to provide ergonomic guidance, training and assessments.


Request an Assessment

Ergonomic assessments are available for employees working in both office and non-office positions.

For office positions, employees now have the option of using a web-based training and self-assessment program (Ergopoint®). New employees are encouraged to use this program.

To request an assessment of your office, workspace or specific job duties or to request access to Ergopoint®, please use the link below.

Home or remote workspace guidance and assessments are available. Use the link below to request an assessment.

Request An Assessment

Ergonomic Lending Library

EHS maintains a lending library with equipment, hardware and furniture available for employee trial use of up to 30 days. Lending library items include:

To request an item from the lending library, please use the link below. Lending library items are only available for trial use in campus offices.They cannot be loaned for use in home or remote workspaces.

Request a Lending Library Item

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