Emergency Medical Plan

The Emergency Medical Plan documents the UO procedures to rapidly provide medical services to employees with major illnesses and injuries.


  • Haily Griffith, Occupational Health and Safety Manager (P) 541-346-2962


The following program will apply to any UO employee at various worksites including the main campus, other Eugene locations, Pine Mountain Observatory, UO in Portland, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, field research locations and any other permanent work location.



Information and Resources


Catastrophe” means an accident in which two or more employees are fatally injured, or three or more employees are admitted to a hospital or an equivalent medical facility.

Emergency Medical Service” means the provision of care by a medically trained person, whether this service is provided by a hospital, clinic, or rescue vehicle.

In proximity” means available nearby to ensure prompt treatment in the event of need.

Qualified first aid person,” means a person with evidence to show current first aid training by the American Red Cross or equivalent.


This program follows the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OR-OSHA) Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 437-002-161. 

Additionally, this plan specifies how the University will comply with reporting requirements specified in OAR 437-001-052.