Integrated Pest Management

The integrated pest management program maintains pest populations below action threshold levels while:

  • Insuring minimal human exposure to health risks
  • Inflicting minimal hazards on the environment
  • Providing for effective monitoring through inspections and standardized record-keeping
  • Evaluating the effect of the integrated pest management practices


  • Adam Jones, Environmental Services Manager (P) 541-346-8397
  • Specific Pest Control Services, CPFM Work Control (P) 541-346-2319


This program includes a list of identified pests, monitoring methods, approved treatments, and an application process for use of pesticides.

Approved Treatment Procedures: General Campus Pest Control and Landscape Pest Control

Integrated Pest Management Program Guide


Notice of Pesticide Use/Application (primary computer-based process)

Notice of Pesticide Use/Application Form (backup paper copy process)


This program serves as the University of Oregon's written Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program as required by ORS 634.650-670.

The State IPM Coordinating Committee publishes regular reports describing Oregon state agency and public university IPM programs. The current report is available for review here.