Laboratory Safety Advisory Committee (LSAC)

The Laboratory Safety Advisory Committee (LSAC) is established by the authority of the President of the University of Oregon. The LSAC has delegated authority to review the use of hazardous materials and activites within University research, teaching, and development processes, including but not limited to instructional and research laboratories, art studios, and support functions. Through this authority, the Committee serves as an administrative advisory body for implementation of the UO Safety Policy and provides policy recommendations to the Senior Vice President and Provost, SERMC, VPFA and VPRI.

More about the Committee can be found in the UO Laboratory and Studio Safety Advisory Committee Charter 2023.


  • Laurie Graham, Laboratory Safety Manager, Biosafety Officer, (P) 541-346-2864

Information and Resources

Laboratory Safety Manual

EHS Quarterly Newsletters: Spring2019, Summer2019, Fall2019

 Laboratory Safety Summit 2019, 2020

Lone Worker Policy template- to be customized to the expectations of each lab as determined by the PI; signed and dated copies to be kept in the lab Safety Binder 

Laboratory Safety Highlight template - 1 page, lab-specific safety and emergency reminder sheet to be posted in a prominent place in the lab. See the following examples for the Barkan Lab and Pluth Lab.

LSAC Meeting Minutes

2107 Minutes

2018 Minutes

2019 Minutes

2020 Minutes