Procedure for Radioactive Waste Tag

A Radioactive Waste Tag must be completed and attached to each container of waste offered for collection.


  • Jenny Kane, Hazardous Materials Specialist, (P) 541-346-2719
  • Steve Stuckmeyer, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Radiation Safety Officer (P) 541-346-3197


Complete only the front of the waste tag.

Waste tags are sequentially numbered and should be entered on the Radioactive Materials Receipt and Use Record and the Radioactive Waste Worksheet when accounting for waste disposal.


A.Isotope: enter the radioactive nuclide(s) present in the waste container.

Reminder: Liquid waste is segregated according to nuclide.

Dry waste segregated as half-life > 90 days and half-life < 90 days.

Liquid Scintillation Vial radioisotope combinations should be verified with EH&S.

B. Activity: enter the activity calculated on the Radioactive Waste Worksheet. Enter in millicuries of each nuclide.

C. Chemical Composition: list the chemicals by name (not formula) starting with the component of highest percent per volume. This includes water or other solvents.List all chemical components greater than 1% by volume. The complete chemical composition listing all components must be on file in the laboratory’s Radiation Safety Program notebook.

If a chemical hazard is present, also complete a hazardous waste label.

If the waste has a final pH < 5 or pH > 10, note the component affecting pH.

Dry waste may be described as; dry solid, laboratory trash, or paper, plastic, glass. No liquids or scintillation vials are to be placed in the dry waste.

List the brand name of the liquid scintillation cocktail used.

D%:Indicate the percent by volume of each chemical component.

E. Volume: the provided liquid waste bottles are 4 L when filled 90% or to the shoulder of the container. The Solid waste containers are 2 cubic feet.

F. Type: check the type of waste the tag applies to.


Complete the information describing the waste generator and date.


Call Environmental Health & Safety at 6-3192 to request a waste collection.