Lockout/Tagout Safety Program (Energy Control)

The purpose of the UO Energy Control Program (Lockout/Tagout) is to define procedures for the control of hazardous energy

These procedures cover the servicing and maintenance of equipment in which the unexpected energizing, start up, or release of stored energy could cause serious injury to employees.


  • Haily Griffith, Occupational Health and Safety Manager (P) 541-346-2962

General rules for use

All UO employees and contractors are required to follow The Lockout/Tagout Safety Program.

Information and Resources

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) - Program

LOTO - Appendix A - Definitions

LOTO - Appendix B - Machine Specific Procedure

LOTO - Appendix C - Log Book

LOTO - Appendix D - Sample Inspection Form

LOTO - Appendix E - Lockout/Tagout Devices