Hazardous Waste Pick-Up

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) collects hazardous materials in several categories for disposal, treatment or recycling for all UO departments.


  • Seth Sponcey, Hazardous Waste Program Coordinator (P) 541-346-2348
  • Ben Bythell, Hazardous Materials Manager, Chemical Safety Officer, (P) 541-346-0371


Hazardous Waste Pick-Ups

Submit a service request through the Environmental Health and Safety Assistant (EHSA) online system here:

Place A Waste Pickup Request

Please allow three business days for collection.

Information and Resources

NEW!! We have created two poster to illustrate various lab and general waste streams. Feel free to print and post in your lab or workplace, or request a hard copy from EHS. For more detailed information, refer to the UO Hazardous Materials Guide