Respiratory Protection Program

The purpose of the program is to improve the level of protection provided to employees who use respirators to protect themselves from respiratory hazards. Respirators will be used in situations where engineering and administrative controls cannot be feasibly implemented and in some cases where an employee chooses to use a respirator even when one is not required.


  • Haily Griffith, Occupational Health and Safety Manager, (P) 541-346-2962
  • Kersey Bars, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist (P) 541-346-0815

General rules for use

The program is established for all faculty and staff with the risk of occupational exposure to respiratory hazards. A print copy of the program guide is available to any employee upon request.

The use of dust masks are not regulated under this program.


Respiratory Protection Program

Appendix A - Definitions

Appendix B - Oregon OSHA Respirator Cleaning Procedures

Appendix C - Voluntary Use Forms


The program is in compliance with Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OR-OSHA) rule 1910.134 for employee respiratory protection.