SRS Committees & Teams

The Safety and Risk Services unit leads many cross-campus teams and committees responsible for mitigating risk and ensuring safety for the campus.  Examples of these standing committees focused on compliance, privacy, safety protocols and practices as well as risk response and risk management are below. SRS stewardship of several of the committees allows the University to meet federal and state regulatory requirements.

  • Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment Team mitigates behavioral threats through an integrated process of communication, education, prevention, problem identification, assessment, intervention, and systematic response.
  • Campus Vulnerability Assessment Team conducts coordinated, site-specific vulnerability assessments of buildings or spaces for safety, security, risk, emergency preparedness, and business continuity; CVAT also oversees security policies and procedures.
  • Data Security Incident Response Team oversees or directly manages the response to data security incidents and collaborates with data stewards to ensure effective procedures for identifying suspected or actual data breaches.
  • Incident Management Team provides the command-and-control infrastructure to manage the logistical, fiscal, planning, operational, safety, and campus issues related to any and all incidents/emergencies.
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee meets National Institutes of Health (NIH) Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules and is responsible for ensuring that research fully conforms to those guidelines.
  • Laboratory Safety Advisory Committee is delegated advisory responsibility for the safe use of University laboratory and laboratory support space in all aspects of the University operations, including, but not limited to instructional, research, studio, and support functions. The committee oversees the university’s Chemical Hygiene Plan.
  • Radiation Safety Committee has primary responsibility for the safe use of ionizing radiation, including but not limited to instructional, research, and support functions. The committee is the administrative body required by state rules and under the conditions of the university’s license for radioactive materials.
  • Safety Advisory Committee is a mandatory OSHA required workplace safety committee established by the authority of the President of the University.  SRS staff on the committee oversee mandatory building and lighting inspections and produce required accident and injury reports.  The SAC is empowered to recommend improvements to ensure employee safety to campus leadership.

SRS Staff Committee & Team Assignment