Fall Protection Safety Program

The objective of this program is to help ensure that all UO employees be protected from fall hazards when working on elevated unguarded surfaces.

A safe and successful fall protection program requires preplanning. This includes identifying anticipated fall hazards in the workplace, selecting proper equipment to control the hazards, providing good documentation on the necessary controls, providing appropriate training for everyone involved, and rapidly responding to emergency situations.


  • Haily Griffith, Occupational Health and Safety Manager (P) 541-346-2962
  • Katie Jones, Occupational Safety Officer (P) 541-346-2515



This program applies to all UO employees working at heights more than 10’ above a lower level, within 6' of the work surface's leading edge or at any height above dangerous equipment.

Fall protection training will be available and mandatory prior to employee work assignments involving fall exposure hazards.

Information and Resources

Fall Protection Safety Program guide


The Fall Protection program serves as the university’s written fall protection program as outlined in OAR 437-002-0125 (OR-OSHA General Occupational Safety & Health Administration Standards Division 2 Subdivision I Personal Protective Equipment - 1910.132).