Hearing Conservation Program

The University of Oregon Hearing Conservation Program (HCP) was created to protect employee hearing and prevent noise-induced hearing loss resulting from occupational exposure. Any employee who is exposed to occupational noise levels of 85 dBA or greater over an 8-hour time-weight average (TWA) will be included in the HCP. These employees will be equipped with the knowledge and hearing protection devices to safeguard themselves from occupational hearing loss.

This written program will ensure the university is in compliance with Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) rules for occupational noise exposure under OAR 437-002-0080 (2) and CFR 29 1910.95.


  • Michelle Gillette, Ergonomic and Safety Coordinator (P) 541-346-8084
  • Kersey Bars, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist (P) 541-346-0815
  • Haily Griffith, Occupational Health and Safety Manager (P) 541-346-2962

Information and Resources

Hearing Conservation Program


Employees in the HCP will receive annual training. Training topics will include:

  • How noise affects the hearing
  • The purpose of hearing protectors
  • The advantages, disadvantages and attention of various types of hearing protectors
  • Instructions on selecting, fitting, use and care of hearing protectors
  • The purpose of audiometric testing and a description of test procedures

Hearing Conservation training for employees in the HCP is available online through MyTrack.

Hearing Conservation Program Training