First Aid Kits

First-aid kits must be available to address minor first-aid injuries that might occur in the workplace. First-aid supplies are to be stored in containers to protect contents from damage, deterioration, and/or contamination. Supplies should be purchased through a reputable vendor and replenished as needed to maintain minimum quantities. Contents must not include over the counter or prescription drugs because of the potential of access by minors, allergic reactions, or expired medications. Employees may store and manage their own medications.


General rules for use

The following supplies are suggested for a first-aid kit to meet minimum requirements:

  • (2) Absorbent Compress, 32 sq inch minimum
  • (16) Adhesive Bandages, 1 x 3 inch
  • 5 yards Adhesive Tape (can be in multiple rolls)
  • (10) Antiseptic single use wipes
  • (4) Sterile Pads, 4 x 4 inch minimum
  • (4) pair waterproof gloves (non-latex)
  • Wound-cleaning agent, i.e. moistened towelettes
  • (2) Triangular Bandages, 40 x 40 x 56 inch minimum
  • (1) Micro-shield or Pocket Mask (if employees are CPR Rescue Breathing Trained)
  • Burn Treatment - either 6 individual use packets or a spray container with a minimum of 6 applications
  • (5) 12" x 18" zip-lock waste disposal bags

Add additional supplies to address the types of injuries that might occur in your workplace.