Youth Program Registration & Insurance

Youth program (accident) insurance is available to university departments and programs that sponsor short-term events or activities involving participants who are generally not affiliated with the university.  All youth programs must be registered online using the below portal.  Departments may also enroll their Youth Program in coverage at the time of registration.  The Office of Risk Management expects university departments and program sponsors of events or activities to purchase this insurance.  


General rules for use

Youth program insurance covers participants, and the premium is based upon the actual number of attendees. The insurance requires that participants must be:

  • At a scheduled camp or clinic under the supervision of UO personnel
  • On the premises where the camp or clinic is during a regular camp or clinic day

Youth programs may include:

  • Sports camps for minors
  • Music, dance, reading, design, archaeology, and science camps for minors

Recurring programs: This policy renews annually on January 1. Youth programs covered in past year(s) are not automatically renewed. Contact Risk Management to renew the coverage for your annual event.


Registration and insurance enrollment can be done using the following link.

Youth Program Registration and insurance enrollment

What information you will need:

  • Dates
  • Contact name, phone number, and email
  • Estimated number of participants (following the camp report actual number of participants to Risk Management)
  • Index to be charged; include Activity Code (if applicable)
  • This insurance must be requested PRIOR to the beginning of the camp, clinic, or event.
Youth Program Insurance Premium Costs
Camp LengthRate Per Camper: Day CampsRater Per Camper: Overnight Camp
Up to 2 Weeks$1.78$2.78
2- 4 Weeks$2.95$4.45
4-6 Weeks$4.43$6.93
6-8 Weeks$6.50$10.00
2 Months, but less than 6 months$9.21$17.21
6 months, but less than 1 year$18.21$37.21

Information and Resources

Is your program in compliance with UO's Minors on Campus Policy? 

Youth Programs:Protection of Minors 

Background Checks:  Criminal, credit, and related background checks ARE REQUIRED for all university positions, including (but not limited to) new employee hires, who will have "Unsupervised access to children (does not include university students under 18) and vulnerable adults (persons 18 years of age or older who have substantial mental or functional impairments and are unable to protect themselves)."