Art Care Committee

The UO Art Advisory Care Committee (ART-Care) is designated by the Vice President of Safety and Risk Services to provide recommendations for maintenance and repairs for non-museum housed artwork. The purpose of the ART-Care committee is to establish procedures for the non-museum housed artwork at University of Oregon properties. The ART-Care collaborates with the Oregon Art Commission on tracking and maintaining Percent for the Art artwork.  



The University of Oregon receives art from the Percent for the Art collection and per administrative rule 352.1131 and 352.1712, the UO is responsible for protecting and preserving the Percent for the Art collection located in its buildings. The ART-Care Committee has created a procedures guide to facilitate compliance with this responsibility. 

The guide also provides additional information on topics such as: 

  • Donated artwork and foundation purchases. 
  • Artwork purchased through department funds. 
  • Shipping and receiving fine art. 
  • Insurance implications. 

The procedures guide is currently available for download and will be updated on an annual basis.    


The ART Care committee is collaborating with the Learning Innovation Lab and an art survey app will be made available to campus partners soon.  The application will allow authorized campus partners to update condition reports for non-museum artwork.   This project is anticipated to be ready by Fall 2024.  

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Membership of the UO ART-Care will strive to include different departments on campus that have a passion for managing and maintaining artwork. The committee membership includes:  

Lisa Taylor, Committee Chair, Director of Risk Management and Insurance
Aaron Olsen, Co-Committee Chair, Landscape Planning Associate, CPFM
Chris White, JSMA Collections Manager
Martina Oxoby, Design and Construction Owner's Representative
Mahnaz Ghaznavi, Public Records Office 
Sarah Baylinson, Art Collection, Oregon Arts Commission   
Jack Ryan, Professor, Art Department 
Austin Munsell, Collections Manager, UO Libraries 
Zoey Johnson, Business Service Coordinator, SRS   
Sarah Chapman, Housing Interior Design Manager 
Student Representative, VPFA Intern