Property Claims

A University of Oregon property insurance claim is:

  • Property owned by the University of Oregon and;
  • Building or property damage due to accidents, fire, water, vandalism,  theft or weather

Departments are subject to a $5,000 deductible.  Any loss or incident must be reported to the  Office of Risk Management, 541-346-8316, within 24 hours. Reports later than 90 days after the date of a loss or incident may not be covered by insurance.


General rules for use

All claims involving property loss or damage must be immediately reported to the Office of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety as our insurance requires us to meet reporting requirements.  We have a responsibility to mitigate our loss and to protect property from further loss or damage.

Losses due to theft, break-in or vandalism are criminal acts and must be immediately reported to the University of Oregon Police Department.



What information is needed to initiate a property claim?

  •     Department contact information
  •     A narrative of the incident, including the date and time of loss, immediate actions taken, witnesses
  •     Description of damaged or lost property

Include the following information if possible:

  •     Photographs of all damaged or lost property, if available
  •     Police report, if available
  •     Copies of correspondence, documentation, or other information related to the incident
  •     Two written estimates showing replacement values for the lost or damaged property may be required