Request to Serve Alcohol

A Request for Permission to Serve Alcoholic Beverages form must be submitted whenever event organizers plan to serve alcoholic beverages on UO owned or leased property that is not being provided by and served by University Catering (event organizers at UO Portland should contact Event Services directly).



Food Service

Alcohol service must ALWAYS be accompanied by appropriate food service per OLCC guidelines. Food service is limited to University Catering unless otherwise approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs (see Catering Policies and Costs); be sure to submit Catering Waiver Forms when applicable.

OLCC Food Requirements: “Substantial food item” means food items prepared or cooked on the licensed premises and that are typically served as a main course or entrée. Some examples are: fish; steak; chicken; pasta; pizza; sandwiches; dinner salads; hot dogs; soup; and sausages. Side dishes, appetizer items, dessert items, and snack items such as popcorn, peanuts, chips, and crackers do not qualify as substantial food items.

Completing the Form

Things to consider when completing the Request for Permission to Serve Alcoholic Beverages:

Self-serve alcohol is seldom approved for official UO sponsored events.  If you would like your event to include alcohol the first thing you need to consider is that the event will need to be catered, either by University Catering or another caterer that can provide proof of adequate levels of liquor liability insurance and OLCC licensed servers.  Also, if an outside caterer is used be sure to complete the Catering Waiver Form for approval. 

The Request for Permission to Serve Alcoholic Beverages form requires information that will be reviewed by a cross-departmental group for risk mitigation. 

Please consider the following tips when completing the form:

  1. Does the quantity of alcohol requested exceed two drinks per person for the event?  If yes, reduce the amount of alcohol requested.
  2. What percentage of your attendees will be over 21?  Factor this into the number of alcoholic servings requested.
  3. Do you have non-alcoholic beverages available?  If no, provide water and consider adding additional non-alcoholic beverages.
  4. Does the food that will be provided contain protein?  If no, add at least one protein option (depending on the amount of alcohol being requested) to the food that will be served.
  5. Who will be catering the event?  If it is not University Catering, you will need to request a catering exemption waiver, submitted to University Catering, at least 15 days prior to the event.
  6. Who will be serving the alcohol?  If University Catering is serving alcohol, liquor liability coverage will be provided and a request form is not required.  If the event is catered by an outside vendor, the vendor should have liquor liability coverage and provide OLCC licensed servers for the event.  If volunteers or paid servers will be serving alcohol, you will need to provide Risk Management with the OLCC license of each paid server or volunteer.
  7. Will your event require security measures?  If so, provide details addressing how security needs will be met. Include with your submission a detailed drawing/map of the food/bar set up and alcohol monitors/security.  We are looking for the exit pathways to remain open at their full width. 


The City of Eugene does not need to review or approve applications for events held on the Eugene campus other than Athletics locations (e.g. Autzen, Matthew Knight Arena, or PK Park). The City of Portland must review applications for events held at UO Portland which require an OLCC Temporary Sales License (after review and endorsement by the UO Portland event contact).


Request for Permission to Serve Alcoholic Beverages

Catering Waiver Forms