Insurance and Claims

Risk Management works with departments and third parties regarding claims to evaluate and determine the potential for recovery and initiate the claims process.

The university has various types of insurance or self-insurance to cover the different risks the institution faces. These include general liability, property, fine arts, international travel, day care, camps and clinics, athletics, and workers' compensation. The current department deductible is $5,000 per occurrence.  Property insurance does not cover the personal property of employees or students.



Any loss or incident must be reported to the  Office of Risk Management, 541-346-8316, within 24 hours. Reports later than 90 days after the date of a loss or incident may not be covered by insurance. 

Property Claims: A loss to University of Oregon property
General Liability Claims: A loss associated with a breach of a legal duty (also known as tort claims)
Vehicle Claims: A loss to a university, Motor Pool, state, rental, or third-party vehicle