About Safety and Risk Services

"Cultivating a resilient world-class university that is future-ready, risk aware, and not risk-averse"

The Safety and Risk Services (SRS) unit's charge is to provide leadership and expertise in safeguarding human health, university property, and the environment while reducing the university’s vulnerability to conditions adversely affecting its primary mission of education, research, and service.


SRS Organization Chart 


Safety and Risk Services Five Core Service Areas

Training and Outreach: Provides training and outreach to the campus community to increase awareness and understanding of safety and risk concepts. 

Coordination and Facilitation Services: Coordinates synchronize and streamlines intra-departmental teams’ workflow, creating efficiencies across the university community.

Analysis and Consultative Services: Provides innovative data-collection, analysis, and programming expertise that helps create systems and processes to identify risks, inefficiencies, and bottlenecks across the university.

Enterprise Risk Management: Identifies and calculates the value of risks, finds ways to mitigate them financially, and manages the recovery process when events occur.

Crisis Response Leadership: Provides expertise and guidance to the university community to manage the logistical, fiscal, planning, operational, safety, and myriad issues involved during incidents and emergencies. 

Safety and Risk Services Guiding Principles

  • Integrity: We work honestly, fairly, and in line with policies, procedures and professional best practices.  
  • Collaborative: We strive to build trust, operate with a unity of purpose, build teams, networks, and consensus, and facilitate communication and learning. 
  • Objective: We approach issues with an open mind and empathy. 
  • Analytical: We apply comprehensive, evidence-based research, standards, and data in assigning priorities, and we maximize efficiencies. 
  • Innovative: We lead by example and use creative, cutting-edge approaches to problem-solving. 
  • Change Ready: We engage with others and proactively plan to enable the university to be future-ready.