Business Continuity

Oregon Ready is the university's business continuity planning tool. The goal of business continuity planning is for an organization (or department) to be able to maintain, or re-establish, services and functions during and/or after a disruption. Oregon Ready is a simple way to build your department specific plan, and provides structured guidance to identify key staff and resources. Continuity plans will improve your department's ability to recover from business interruptions, and are a critical component to effective emergency response.


General rules for use

To start a department plan in Oregon Ready, at least one person on your staff will need to complete a short training session.  The initial person trained in Oregon Ready should be an Office or Business Manager, Director, Dean, or designee of the same.  Once the first person has completed training, any number of additional people in your department can use the system.  Training is offered in person and at your office location.

Information and Resources

As you develop your plan, it may be useful to consider different types of impacts. For example:

  • In an emergency, all or part of offices, records, and equipment may be inaccessible
  • Data network, communications, and utility services may be disrupted in the one facility or campus-wide
  • Critical hardcopy and digital records may be damaged or destroyed
  • An emergency event may directly implact staff members, limiting their ability to come to work

Oregon Ready will help you focus on how your functions can continue, even if at a lower level of service.