Infection Control Plan

Infection Control Plan

On April 3, 2023 Oregon OSHA rescinded OAR 437-001-0744 and 437-004-1115 the last remaining rules addressing COVID-19 workplase risks. As such, the UO is no longer maintaining the Infection Control Plan, Exposure Risk Assessment, or COVID-19 Prevention training.

The UO supports the personal choice to wear a mask as an effective strategy for individuals seeking to protect themselves from COVID-19. We encourage anyone who wishes to wear a mask to do so. 

Please visit COVID-19 Safety Resources page for the latest information on the UO response to COVID-19. 


  • Haily Griffith, Occupational Health and Safety Manager, (P) 541-346-2962

Information and Resources

OAR 467-001-0744 Permanent Rule Addressing COVID-19 Workplace Risk, amended 6/30/2021