Safety Advisory Committee

The University of Oregon Safety Advisory Committee  (SAC) is a standing administrative committee appointed by the President and reporting directly to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

The purpose of SAC is to assist the University administration in providing a safe and healthy workplace for all faculty, staff and student workers by making recommendations for change on health and safety issues.The committee serves in an advisory capacity on occupational safety and health issues to the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Non-occupational campus safety and health concerns may also be reviewed by the committee, and if necessary, referred to the appropriate university organization for disposition.

More about the Committee can be found in PDF iconUO Safety Advisory Committee Charter.    


Ferenc Tiszavari, Occupational Safety Officer (P) 541-346-2939


SAC meetings occur on the third Thursday of each month.  The meeting is open to all University of Oregon employees.         

Location:                      Time:
1715 Franklin                9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
271 Room 

Information and Resources


UO Safety Policy

Safety Sheets

Ergonomic Assistance

SAIF website

The Great Shake Out - Earthquake Preparedness

SAC Meeting Minutes   

2014 minutes2015 MINUTES2016 MINUTES2017 MINUTES2018 MINUTES2019 MINUTES2020 minutes2021 minutes
12-18-1412-17-15No Meeting12-21-17****12-20-1812-19-19****PDF icon12-17-2012-16-21
11-20-1411-19-1511-17-1611-16-17**11-15-18PDF icon11-21-19PDF icon11-19-2011-18-21
10-16-1410-15-1510-20-1610-19-1710-18-18PDF icon10-17-19**PDF icon10-15-2010-21-21
09-18-1409-17-1509-15-1609-21-1709-20-18PDF icon09-19-19PDF icon09-17-2009-16-21
08-21-1408-20-1508-18-1608-17-17****08-16-1808-15-19****PDF icon8-20-2008-19-21
07-17-1407-16-1507-21-1607-20-1707-19-18PDF icon07-18-19PDF icon07-16-20PDF icon07-15-21
06-19-1406-18-1506-21-16****06-15-1706-21-18PDF icon06-20-19PDF icon06-18-20PDF icon06-17-21
05-15-1405-21-1505-19-1605-18-1705-17-18PDF icon05-16-19PDF icon05-21-20PDF icon05-20-21
04-17-1404-16-1504-21-1604-20-1704-19-18PDF icon04-18-19PDF icon04-16-20**PDF icon04-15-21
03-20-1403-19-1503-17-1603-20-1703-15-18PDF icon03-21-1903-19-20****PDF icon03-18-21
02-20-1402-19-1502-18-1602-16-1702-15-18PDF icon02-21-19PDF icon02-20-20PDF icon02-18-21
01-16-1401-15-1501-21-1601-19-1701-18-1801-17-19PDF icon01-16-20PDF icon01-21-21


****Meeting waived for building inspection

**Meeting waived for SAIF training 


The SAC is in compliance with OAR 437-001-0765.