Safety and Risk Services assists campus with many services. 

Laboratory Services

The professional staff are available to advise research and labratory colleagues and students about Chemical Safety, proper ordering, handling and disposing of Hazardous Materials and Research Safety

Job-related Safety Services

One size does not fit all when it comes to proper fit of protective equipment or the ergonomic configuration of workspaces. Consultations and fittings are offered by request. 

Planning Services

Planning services are available for departments, clinics and institutes that need help considering how business, academic and research functions might continue or recover after an emergency or major disruption. If a situation takes away the people, the facilities or the functions in a unit, what is next? Emergency Management and Continuity can help plan for Business Continuity and anticipate issues before they occur.

Protecting Personal Property

The university recommends registering personal property including bicycles and laptops, which can be helpful in the unfortunate event of theft.

Registration Services

Registration service is also offered for university-related driver certification and international business travel, and claims that result from injury, accident or other loss.