Holiday and Academic Break Door Lock Procedure and Schedule

The Strategic Enterprise Risk Management Committee has approved the following procedure for locking buildings on the Eugene campus on holidays and during academic breaks.


All buildings are locked with the following exceptions:

  • Erb Memorial Union may be open if it is not closed for the holiday.
  • Housing dining facilities may be open if the holiday occurs during the academic term.

Academic Breaks

Academic Breaks for the purpose of this procedure includes:

  • Winter break
  • Spring break
  • The week between spring term and summer term except for the day of commencement if it is scheduled on a weekday.

It is noted that the Law School door locking schedule will follow their academic calendar.


Some buildings with public facing services may not be subject to the locking schedule, especially during academic breaks. These buildings include:

  • Clinical Services
  • Erb Memorial Union
  • Housing facilities with dining services
  • Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact
  • Museums
  • Olum Child Development Center
  • Oregon Hall
  • Outdoor Program
  • Student Recreation Center
  • Student Welcome Center
  • Thompson University Center
  • Transportation Services
  • University Health Services
  • UO Police Department Lobby
  • Knight Library

Additional Information:

  • Employees can use their keys or prox card to access locked buildings. Those who do not have access, may request it from the UO Card Office.
  • Finance and Administration Shared Services IT administers the door locking system and will send reminders through the facility liaison list prior to door locking dates.
  • Authorized individuals may request exceptions to the locking procedure through FASS It by emailing or calling 541-346-2245. Criteria for exception requests are:
    • Building entry is staffed to monitor access.
    • Special events open to the public are scheduled in the space.
    • The space utilizes the EMS system for event scheduling.

The Holiday and Academic Break Door Lock Procedure was developed and approved by the Campus Vulnerability Assessment Team.

2022-2023 Holiday & Academic Break Schedule

Holidays & Academic BreaksBuilding Lock ScheduleTimeBuilding Unlock scheduletime
Veteran's DayThursday, November 10, 2022Regular closing timeMonday, November 14, 20227:00 a.m.
ThanksgivingWednesday, November 24, 2022Regular closing timeMonday, November 28, 20227:00 a.m.
Winter BreakFriday, December 9, 2022Regular closing timeTuesday, January 3, 20237:00 a.m.
Martin Luther King, Jr. DayFriday, January 14, 2023Regular closing timeTuesday, January 17, 20237:00 a.m.
Spring BreakFriday, March 24, 2023Regular closing timeMonday, April 3, 20237:00 a.m.
Memorial DayFriday, May 26, 2023Regular closing timeTuesday, May 30, 20237:00 a.m.
JuneteenthFriday, June 16, 2023Regular closing timeTuesday, June 20, 20237:00 a.m.
Zero WeekTuesday, June 20, 2023Regular closing timeMonday, June 26, 20237:00 a.m.
Independence DayMonday, July 3, 2023Regular closing timeWednesday, July 5, 20237:00 a.m.
Labor DayFriday, September 1, 2023Regular closing timeTuesday, September 5, 20237:00 a.m.