Vehicle Claims

Employees and other authorized drivers driving vehicles on official University business must report vehicle incidents or damage to the Office of Risk Management, and to the University of Oregon Police Department. This includes University-owned vehicles, a rented or leased vehicles, and a personally owned vehicles. 



Procedures for UO Employees, Students, and Volunteers

  1. Report to UOPD: 541-346-2919 or DIAL 911 if an emergency or not on Eugene Campus
  2. Report to the Office of Risk Management: 541-346-8316 within 24 hours
  3. Complete a Vehicle Online Incident Report. Additional forms may be required; please refer to the vehicle accident packets (in UO vehicles).
  4.  University owned vehicles that have been involved in a vehicle accident should be re-inspected to confirm the vehicle is safe to drive.  Departments may contact the University's  Mobile Equipment shop for more information. 

Online Vehicle Incident Report

For more information, download the Reporting Procedures Quick Guide.

Information and Resources

Request Accident Packets

Download the Accident Packet

  • Vehicle Crimes: If the loss is due to a hit-and-run, theft, break-in, or vandalism, these incidents are criminal and need to be reported to law enforcement immediately. If the incident occurred on university property, contact UOPD. Otherwise, contact local law enforcement.
  • Deductible: University-owned, Motor Pool, state, and rental vehicle claims are subject to a deductible. Departments are responsible for $5,000 of the deductible. The Office of Risk Management will work directly with the responsible department to coordinate the repair efforts. Risk Management will work directly with Motor Pool to facilitate the claims on Motor Pool vehicles. The Motor Pool will charge the department for repair costs.
  • Third Parties: When a university vehicle is damaged by another party, Risk Management will work with the department to file a claim with the third party’s insurance company.
  • DMV Reporting: In Oregon, if the damages are greater than $2,500 and/or involve injury of any kind, you are required by law to report the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles within 72 hours on an Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report form (included in the Vehicle Accident Packet located in university vehicles). You must forward a copy of this report to the Office of Risk Management.