Who is a volunteer?

  • A volunteer is a person appointed to perform official university duties without compensation or remuneration.
  • Individuals volunteer as a public service, for civic and humanitarian as well as personal development reasons.
  • The university receives the primary benefit from services performed by a volunteer. Volunteer services are performed at the request or consent of and under the direction and control of a university department or program. 
  • The university department or program is responsible to oversee work to ensure each volunteer complies with all applicable university policies and procedures as well as all local, state and federal requirements and laws.


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Is there a required form to be completed for a volunteer?

Yes, the Conditions of Volunteer Service form must be fully completed by the volunteer supervisor and the volunteer.  Assigned duties and an estimate of volunteer hours are to be completed by the volunteer supervisor.  A Conditions of Volunteer Service form must be completed each fiscal year (July 1-June 30).  If the volunteer assignment continues beyond June 30th of any year, a new form must be completed.

What do I do with the form once completed?

Completed forms must be received by the Office of Risk Management riskmanagement@uoregon.edu for coverage to take effect. Departments must also retain a copy for five years per  OUS 166-475-0095

Volunteer Service Form

Volunteer Service Form - Spanish

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Can a university employee volunteer?

Yes, employees, including student employees, can volunteer for the university.  The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries specifies all of the criteria below must be met when an employee volunteers at their place of employment.

  • The work must be at the employee´s initiative.
  • The work must be outside normal or regular work hours.
  • The employee must be performing a religious, charitable or other community service without contemplation of payment.
  • The employee must be performing a task outside of the regular job functions performed for the same employer.

Can a volunteer receive reimbursement for expenses?

Yes, a volunteer can be reimbursed for actual expenses.  This is not compensation or remuneration. 

Volunteers who are given anything of value (not including reimbursement for expenses) may be considered an employee under employment laws.  This may then present a liability for workers’ compensation insurance, minimum wage payment, federal withholding, and other costs to be paid by the department.   

Does a background check need to be completed for a volunteer?

The volunteer will be working with minors where can they take the required training?