Personal Safety

Nothing is more important than personal safety of students, faculty, and staff at the university, and there are trainings available for individuals who want to build or strengthen skills for situational awareness and individual safety.  


    NEW! Personal Safety and Resilience Training Series - Spring Term 2023 

    Safety and Risk Services has developed a training schedule for spring term that focuses on personal safety, online safety, preparedness and resilience.  All training sessions open to UO faculty and staff. To register visit UO MyTrack Learning Library.

    • Active Threat Training - Provides training on the warning signs of violent behavior, prevention resources, law enforcement activity, and preparedness measures on campus. This session is 90-minutes.  
    • De-Escalation Training – Learn the basics of de-escalation, common sources of conflict, recognizing unsafe situations, including safety planning and resources on campus for addressing difficult interactions and practice proactive purposeful actions. This session is 90-minutes. 
    • Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Training – How to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters (including earthquakes). The focus is on personal preparedness measures to improve resilience. This session is 60-minutes. 
    • Navigating Our Digital Lives – How to Stay Safe Online  - This session will talk about our digital world and guides you through steps to protect your privacy, information and secure your digital assets. Participants should bring a laptop or device for the hands-on components of the training. This session is 90-minutes. 
    • Personal Safety and Self-Defense – Incorporates risk awareness and simple self-defense techniques. This interactive training encourages participants to try out basic self-defense techniques. This session is 90-minutes.
    • Pepper Spray Training – Learn the basics of pepper spray and practice how to use it in a safe environment. All participants who complete this training will receive free pepper spray. This training is 90-minutes.

    Campus Partners include: Information Services, Safety and Risk Services, University Counseling Services, and University of Oregon Police Department.

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    Safety and Risk Services offers the following courses regularly and by request:

    Violence Prevention and Active Shooter  

    The training covers:

    • Potential warning signs for violent behavior
    • A video illustrating options for individuals facing with an incident of violence on campus
    • Information about law enforcement response capabilities for incidents of violence
    • An overview of preparedness activities at the campus wide level and steps that departments and individuals can take to be better prepared.

    In addition to in person training, this brief video covers the concept of "Run, Hide, Fight" in response to an active shooter incident.

    Watch the Run, Hide, Fight Video

    Office Safety

    This session provides an overview of property crime and person-focused crimes seen on campus. Participants will learn basic strategies to encourage safety in their daily work, how to recognize unsafe situations, respond and call for assistance from law enforcement.


    Participants will learn the basics of de-escalation in an office and special event environment. Discussion will cover common sources of conflict, recognizing unsafe situations and assisting co-workers with low level incidents. Will also address safety planning and resources on campus for addressing difficult interactions.


    Each year, UOPD presents the self-defense class "Rape Aggression Defense" (R.A.D.) in collaboration with the Substance Abuse Prevention Program.

    R.A.D. is designed to provide students with information and effective, proven self-defense tactics that may prevent or repel physical attacks against women.

    R.A.D. seeks to educate and instill confidence via three teaching methods: risk reduction principles, physical defensive techniques, and dynamic simulation. R.A.D.'s objective is to develop and enhance self defense options for women.

    PE & Rec also offers PEMA 115, a self defense course that emphasizes the three A’s of Self Defense: Awareness, Assessment and Action.

    Contact PE & Rec for upcoming courses and registration. 


    Violence Prevention:

    Office Safety and De-Escalation

    • Jason Wade, Chief of Police, (P) 541-346-2905