Campus Vulnerability Assessment Team

The Campus Vulnerability Assessment Team conducts coordinated, site-specific vulnerability assessments that look at safety, security, risk, emergency preparedness, and business continuity. In addition, the Team manages requests for various safety systems (e.g., cameras, panic buttons, access control, and security system). Team members include:

  • Emergency Management & Continuity
  • Office of Risk Management
  • UO Police Department
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Campus GIS and Mapping
  • Campus Planning and Facilities Management
  • University Fire Marshal


To request a departmental vulnerability assessment contact:

To request a security system assessment contact:

General rules for use

Departments may request CVAT assessments for their facility and/or safety system assessments by contacting the appropriate person listed above.


The team will work in conjunction with the department to develop a comprehensive report that highlights issues/concerns, as well as provides recommendations and proposed actions.

The team will then have a series of formal and informal meetings with the department to understand workflow, as well as identify and discuss the issues and threats facing a department from a variety of perspectives.

The team then works independently to collect more data, assess other threats, and develop strategies and recommendations for mitigating risks.

After this work and review of a draft Vulnerability Assessment report, the assessment team provides the department director with a detailed written report and a list of practical action items to mitigate the identified risks. This assessment does not override or replace other legally required inspections or reporting that a department must complete.

A department may benefit from a Vulnerability Assessment if the following characteristics apply:

  • High daily traffic count/population
  • Conduct sensitive research or highly vulnerable operations
  • Have a significant insurance claim history
  • Generates significant revenue or expenditures