Emergency Medical Plan

The Emergency Medical Plan documents the UO procedures to rapidly provide medical services to employees with major illnesses and injuries as required by Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OR-OSHA) Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 437-002-161. 

Additionally, this plan specifies how the University will comply with reporting requirements specified in OAR 437-001-052.


The following program will apply to any UO employee at various worksites including the main campus, other Eugene locations, Pine Mountain Observatory, UO in Portland, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, field research locations and any other permanent work location.


University Police Department - The University Police Department (UOPD) will be responsible for maintaining staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week, who will perform dispatch and first responder duties for emergency medical situations on the main university campus.

Departments - Departments will be responsible for implementing the emergency medical plan including assuring employees are knowledgeable of the plan.  Departments may augment the plan with details specific to that particular department.  Departments will also be responsible for assuring that first aid supplies are available in close proximity to employees.  Departments will call 911 and notify UOPD of medical emergency situations.  For minor medical situations, departments will call UOPD.

Employees - Employees are responsible for complying with this plan as communicated to them by their department’s management.  Employees not designated as qualified first aid persons may administer first aid as “good samaritans” if they choose to do so.

Office of Risk Management - The Office of Risk Management is responsible for updating this plan as needed and for conducting required notification calls to OR-OSHA.


Catastrophe” means an accident in which two or more employees are fatally injured, or three or more employees are admitted to a hospital or an equivalent medical facility.

Emergency Medical Service” means the provision of care by a medically trained person, whether this service is provided by a hospital, clinic, or rescue vehicle.

In proximity” means available nearby to ensure prompt treatment in the event of need.

Qualified first aid person,” means a person with evidence to show current first aid training by the American Red Cross or equivalent.


Eugene main campus facilities (buildings on the contiguous campus)

  • In the event of an urgent medical situation, any employee, student or visitor should call 911 and then notify the University Police Department at 541-346-2919 (or 6-2919 from a campus phone).  First Aid/AED trained Campus Public Safety Officers will also be dispatched to the location.  For minor medical situations, employees are advised to call 6-2919.
  • For first aid assistance, UOPD may contact a local non-emergency medical unit for on site treatment or transport to a medical facility.  If there is any question regarding the stability of the individual’s medical status, the UO Police Officer will have dispatch call the 911 Center for transportation.  
  • Responding UO Police Officers will carry two-way radio communication. 
  • UOPD will notify the Office of Risk Management (ORM) within 2 hours if any employee is transported to medical facilities for treatment.  ORM will make OR-OSHA notifications if necessary and begin appropriate investigation of the situation.

Eugene facilities (including but not limited to Rainier Building, Casanova Center, Moshofsky Building, Autzen Stadium, ECCARES, Spencer View Housing complex, Baker Building, Riley Hall and Barnhart Hall)

  • In the event of an urgent medical situation, employees, students or visitors should call 911, and then notify UOPD at 541-346-2919. 
  • For minor medical situations, employees are advised to call 541-346-2919.

Field Research Locations

  • In locations where emergency medical services are not in close proximity, the supervisor or faculty member in charge will ensure that there is a means of communication available (e.g. a cellular telephone or equivalent), that there is transportation available and that at least one person in the group is First Aid trained by the American Red Cross standards or equivalent.
  • Supervisors or faculty members in charge of these situations will call 911, and then notify UOPD at 541-346-2919 in the event that emergency medical treatment is required for an employee or student. 
  • State vehicles used for field trips are required to check out or purchase an emergency trip kit, which includes first aid supplies.

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

  • In the event of urgent medical situation employees, students or visitors should call 911, and then notify UOPD at 541-346-2919.

Pine Mountain Observatory

  • In the event of an urgent medical situation any employee, student or visitor should call 911, then notify UOPD at 541-346-2919.

UO in Portland and Portland-area Facilities

  • In the event of an urgent medical situation any employee, student or visitor should call 911, then notify UOPD at 541-346-2919.

Original Preparation Date:May 15, 1995
Latest Revision Number:15
Latest Review Date: October 24, 2012
Authorization: EHS Director

Contact: Haily Griffith, Occupational Health and Safety Manager
541-346-2962 | hailyg@uoregon.edu