Controlled Substances


Controlled Substances are drugs whose manufacture, possession and use are regulated by the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Determine if the material you wish to use is a controlled substance by searching the DEA Alphabetical Listing. Researchers and other employees who require the use of a controlled substance in research must apply for authorization through EHS and be approved by DEA before work with the material can begin.


Hallie Hoskins, Laboratory Safety Manager, Biosafety Officer



Controlled Substance Disposition Log 

The disposition log tracks the receipt and usage of a Controlled Substance under the Registrant's license. It should also be used for any mixtures or dilutions of CSs.


Schedule III-V Controlled Substance Transfer Form 

This form documents transfer of CS ownership from one UO DEA Registrant to another UO DEA Registrant.

Controlled Substance Inventory Form 

The inventory form documents an inventory reconciliation of all Controlled Substances in the Registrant's ownership. It must be completed initially and at least every two years.