Waivers of Liability

A Waiver of Liability form is used to:

  • Inform prospective participants of potential risks involved with an activity
  • Allow an individual to voluntarily choose to incur risks
  • Secure an agreement from the individual to hold the university harmless


  • When minor are involved

Strongly Recommend

  • Activities with overnight travel
  • Out of town trips
  • High risk activities

May be Appropriate

  • Elective or voluntary field trips
  • Recreational activities
  • Short distance travel

No Waiver

  • Required for class credit
  • An event or activity in which faculty/staff is acting in the course and scope of employment
  • Activities with little risk
  • Volunteer (see volunteer forms)

If waivers are needed for events or activity, departments must use the university's form: please review the Guidelines and FAQ.  Risk Management can advise on the use of the waiver form for your specific event or activity.

Waiver of Liability Form

International Travel Waiver of Liability

Spanish Translated Versions
Waiver of Liability - Coming Soon!
International Travel Waiver of Liability

About Volunteers

Volunteers should not sign the Waiver of Liability form, and instead complete a Conditions of Volunteer Service Form.

About Minors

The university will conduct criminal background checks for any university employee or volunteer working in youth programs. Please review the Background Check Policy and Procedures for more information on how to start the process. Human Resources (541-346-3159) also has information on minors on campus.