Getting Started: UO Alerts Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for UO Alerts text messages?

To participate in UO Alerts text notification, follow the instructions below.

  • Log into DuckWeb (
  • Select the “Personal Information” menu
  • Select the “Enter/Update Emergency Alert Phone” link
  • Enter up to two text-enabled mobile phone numbers, including area code, and then hit “Submit”

Your “” email address is automatically included in the system for email messages. Note: The system is unable to send text messages to international mobile phone numbers.

Can someone not affiliated with the UO receive UO Alerts?

Yes, a person affiliated with the UO (a student or employee) can add a second mobile number to the UO Alerts account. We recommend that the first number be used for the student or employee. The additional number can belong to someone not affiliated with the UO, like a family member. Follow the instructions for Registering for UO Alerts.

How do I know that I've received an official UO Alerts text message?

All UO Alerts text messages will come from a five-digit number (example: 893-61).

UO Alert Text Notification Image

Can I change my cell phone number once I’ve entered it?

Yes. Once you’ve entered a cell phone, you can go back and update that number in DuckWeb at any time. To update your number, follow the instructions below.

  • Log into DuckWeb (
  • Select the “Personal Information” menu
  • Select the “Update Emergency Alert Phone” link
  • Enter your text-enabled cell phone number(s), including area code and then hit “Submit”

Can I register an international mobile number?

Not at this time. The text notification system does not support international numbers. This may be an option in the future.

I signed up for the system through DuckWeb, but didn't receive recent messages.

There are several possible reasons for not receiving UO Alerts.

  • The mobile number entered into DuckWeb may be incorrect. Log into DuckWeb and double check that your number is entered correctly. The number should include the area code and your 7-digit phone number. You do not need to include a "1" before the area code. International numbers are not supported.
  • The mobile number entered into DuckWeb is not text-enabled.
    • Land lines cannot receive text messages. If you entered a land line phone, including VoIP, it will not receive UOAlerts text messages.
    • If your mobile phone is not text-enabled or blocks text messages, or if your service plan does not include text messages, you will not receive UO Alerts. To check if either situation is the case, please contact your carrier.

How do I unsubscribe (remove myself) from receiving emergency notifications?

Individuals can only unsubscribe from the text notification component of the emergency notification system. UO email addresses are automatically added to the system and cannot be removed from the system. To unsubscribe to the text message portion of the system:

  • Log into DuckWeb (
  • Select the “Personal Information” menu
  • Select the “Update Emergency Alert Phone” link
  • Delete you number(s) from the phone field
  • Click the “Opt Out” box and hit "Submit".

Do urgent messages go out in other ways than UO Alerts?

I am having trouble logging on to DuckWeb. How can I get help?

If you have previously logged on to DuckWeb, try the "Forgot PAC" option. If that does not work, you'll need to go in person to the Registrar’s Office (students) or Human Resources (staff/faculty) to have your PAC reset.

Do I need a specific mobile carrier, or need to install software on my phone?

No. The UO Alerts system uses industry-standard SMS text messaging to send notices to your text-enabled mobile phone, regardless of carrier. Your cell phone plan must accept text messages to work properly. No special apps or software are necessary.

Besides UO Alerts text messages, the UO also shares urgent information through email accounts, on the UO home page, the Alerts Blog, UO social media, and through local broadcast and online media.

I have a UO-issued cell phone. Is that number automatically added to the UO Alerts system?

No. If the UO-issued cell phone is part of a “duty” or “on-call” rotation, contact your supervisor to ask if the numbers are included in UOAlerts, or ask UO Emergency Management at (

How is the UO Alerts system tested?

The UO Alerts system is tested at least four times per year to verify subscriptions to the system and to ensure that the system is working properly. Actual events that generate UO Alerts may take the place of one or more tests.

I don’t want to get unnecessary text messages. Will UO Alerts be used to send other kinds of information?

No. UO Alerts will only be used to notify you about actual urgent situations and campus closures.

Do I have to pay for UO Alerts?

There is no charge to receive UO Alerts. However, some cellular plans charge for text messages.

How are UO Alerts different from the Lane Council of Government’s Community Emergency Notification System?

The UO Alerts system is solely operated by the UO, and is not connected to the county’s “reverse 9-1-1” phone system. It is recommended that UO community members register for both systems, to receive notifications for home and campus. Cell phone and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) users can register on the Lane County CENS Alert Me website to receive calls or sends messages about specific emergencies based on users’ street addresses.