Property Claims

Start a claim by email

Immediately report all claims involving property loss or damage to the Office of Risk Management.

What is a property claim?

  •     Building or property damage due to accidents, fire, broken pipes, vandalism, or weather
  •     Missing or damaged property due to theft
  •     Departments are responsible for $5,000 of the deductible

What information is needed to initiate a property claim?

  •     Department contact information
  •     A narrative of the incident, including the date and time of loss, immediate actions taken, witnesses
  •     Descripton of damaged or lost property

Include the following information if possible:

  •     Photographs of all damaged or lost property, if available
  •     Police report, if available
  •     Copies of correspondence, documentation, or other information related to the incident
  •     Two written estimates showing replacement values for the lost or damaged property may be required

Losses due to theft, break-in, or vandalism are criminal acts and must be reported to the University of Oregon Police Department immediately.