Insurance Program

The university opted to withdraw from the Public Universities Risk Management and Insurance Trust effective July 1, 2015. Thus, UO procures 23 lines of insurance and has self-insured retentions that flow directly into the private insurer level. UO department deductibles were maintained at $5,000 per occurrence. The university has various types of insurance or self-insurance to cover the different risks the institution faces. These include general liability, property, fine arts, international travel, day care, camps and clinics, athletics, and workers compensation.



Property Insurance (including vehicles)

University of Oregon property insurance includes coverage for vehicles, real property (buildings and equipment), and personal property (building contents and supplies). Property insurance does not cover the personal property of employees or students.

All claims for property loss must be reported to the Office of Risk Management immediately.

Employees who are authorized to use their private vehicles for official business are required to have personal automobile liability insurance to provide the primary coverage for accidents involving the vehicle. University of Oregon-provided automobile liability coverage may apply on a limited basis after the employee's primary coverage limits have been used.

For information on filing a claim see Property Claims or Vehicle Claims.

Workers’ Compensation

University of Oregon employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance when they suffer a compensable injury/disease in the course and scope of employment.

SAIF Corporation (SAIF) is the university’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. SAIF will determine the compensability of all claims.

Workers’ compensation coverage at the university does not extend to the general student population, visitors, temporary agency employees, volunteers, or faculty on a courtesy appointment. However, the Office of Risk Management must be notified of any injury to a temporary agency employee working for the university.