2020 Risk and Resilience Summit

Safety and Risk Services would like to invite you to attend a special keynote session by Tipping Point Resilience that will take place the morning of Monday, April 13, 2020 at the Ford Alumni Center.

“Tipping Point Resilience: Creating a Culture of Earthquake Preparedness”

Tipping Point Resilience specializes in earthquake preparedness and preparedness culture. We aim to spark a movement that will inspire families, workplaces and communities to adapt to the dormant earthquake threats looming over millions of us, saving future lives and livelihoods.

Tipping Point Resilience seminars go beyond showing you how and why to prepare for large events like earthquakes. We help you understand why you’re not preparing already by examining how corporate and community cultures either thwart or propel the best of our individual common sense. Tipping Point Resilience believes that provided a visual understanding of earthquake science and risk and the example of a relatable and realistically prepared family, we can persuade people to prepare based on knowledge and not fear.

The goal of the Summit is to provide the campus community with the opportunity to engage in preparedness topics that can assist the individual, their department and the university as a whole to be more resilient.

Registration coming soon!