Shipping by Contract Carrier

Compliance Requirements

Commercial shipments of hazardous materials are highly regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) due to security issues and the severity of impact from releases of hazardous materials in public highly trafficked environments. 

Regulatory oversight is crucial and penalties for noncompliance can be severe. 

Shippers (those consigning dangerous goods for shipment) and Operators (those providing carriage to the dangerous goods) have specific responsibilities that must be attended to. 


Only persons who have been formally trained in shipping dangerous goods are allowed to ship these materials.

EHS provides training on shipping dry ice, biological materials (patient specimens, infectious agents, and recombinant or transgenic organisms), and other dangerous goods. 

To schedule training, or to determine if it applies to you, please review the EHS training information and registration page.

Guidelines and Resources

The following guidelines and resource links serve as a supplement to formal training to aid in the safe commercial shipment of hazardous materials within the scope of university operations:

Shipping Decision Workflow 

Small Quanitity Exceptions 

Guide to Shipping with Dry Ice 

Shipping Hazardous Materials