Driver Certification

To drive a motor vehicle for university purposes, individuals are required to have a valid driver's license and a UO driver certification card. The driver certification process is governed by Oregon Administrative Rules (571-010-0110) and applies to state-owned vehicles and hired or borrowed vehicles used on University business travel.

Driver Certification Request

Van Driver Certification: Van certification is required for anyone driving a van (owned, rented, or borrowed) for university-approved travel. To be certifiied, an individual must pass the online van training course.  The certification is valid indefinitely.

Van Training 

Golf Cart-Type/Utility Vehicle Training: Persons operating a golf cart-type/utility vehicle on University property are required to have training prior to use.  The training includes the UO Golf Cart-Type/Utility Program, vehicle operation requirements, and appropriate driving routes on campus. 

Golf cart vehicle training

Contact EHS if your department needs a trainer trained.  There might be a department who doesn't own a golf cart and only rents them occasionally for special events or activities.  Please contact EHS at 541-346-3192 to schedule training for your trainer four weeks in advance of your event.

Contact: Occupational Safety Officer, 541-346-3192