Police Patrol

The University and surrounding neighborhood is patrolled by UOPD officers regularly around the clock.

UOPD officers patrol only university property with bicycles, on foot, and in vehicles. Eugene Police are available and provide coverage in off-campus locations.

Bicycle Patrols

Bicycles provide a quick response to situations while patrolling campus because of their ability to maneuver through pedestrian traffic and areas that vehicles can't easily reach.
Officers on bicycles are readily accessible to the campus community.
This form of patrol fits well with the campus environment and is a clean alternative to motor vehicles. 

Walking Patrols

UOPD officers and community service officers conduct regular walking patrols in buildings and around campus.
The focus of these patrols is building security, personal safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors, and to maintain an active presence throughout the campus to deter crime.

Vehicle Patrols

Officers in vehicles patrol campus parking lots and streets throughout the day and night. UOPD utilizes marked and unmarked cars, as well as trucks and ATVs.