Hazardous Materials

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) collects hazardous materials in several categories for disposal, treatment or recycling for all UO departments.

Hazardous Waste Pick-Up for the Sciences

Submit a service request through the Environmental Health and Safety Assistant (EHSA) online system.

If you are having difficulties with the EHSA online system or need a login, please contact Luke Sitts or Matt Hendrickson.

Allow three business days for collection.

Hazardous Waste Pick-Up for Non-Science Departments

To schedule a waste pick-up for a non-science department such as A&AA, Athletics, Campus Operations, EMU, Housing, Libraries, Printing, UOPD, Health Center, etc., please follow these steps:

  1. Submit your hazardous waste pick up using this link.
  2. Both the username and password is “Guest” then click on “Login”.
  3. Click on “Pickup Request”.
  4. Click on “Add Waste Pickup Request”.
  5. Select the appropriate pickup type.
  6. Type the description of the waste with as much detail as possible.
  7. For location type, click on “non-standard”.
  8. In location box, please type the location of the waste including building name and room number.
  9. In the contact box please type your full name
  10. In the contact phone box please type your UO phone number or your UO department number.
  11. In the comments section please indicate any other information that would be helpful for us to know. If your request is urgent, please note this in the comments section.
  12. Click on the “Save” button.

Typically waste is picked up within three working days. 

If you have questions, please call the Hazardous Waste Specialist at 541-346-2348.

UO Hazardous Materials Guide  

This guide outlines procedures established for the safe and proper management of hazardous materials at the UO. These procedures are intended to promote compliance with federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to hazardous materials.

In addition, this guide provides instructions for handling materials which may not be considered hazardous, but have special processing or waste management requirements.

Download Hazardous Materials Guide

Download Refrigeration Disposal Guidelines

Electronics & Computer Disposal (Business Affairs)


Sara Herring, Hazardous Waste Specialist, 541-346-2348 | sherring@uoregon.edu

Matt Hendrickson, Chemical Safety Officer, 541-346-9299 | mhendric@uoregon.edu