Campus Vulnerability Assessment

A Campus Vulnerability Assessment is a comprehensive look at a department’s facilities and functions to identify the natural, human-caused, or technological hazards that could disrupt university functions.  The goal is to help departments be better prepared for emergencies or disruptions and minimize their effects.

Campus Experts

A Campus Vulnerability Assessment process includes a site visit from technical experts from the following units: 

  • Emergency Management & Continuity
  • Office of Risk Management
  • UO Police Department
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Campus GIS and Mapping
  • Campus Planning and Facilities Management
  • Fire & Life Safety

The Campus Vulnerability Assessment Team conducts coordinated, site-specific vulnerability assessments that look at safety, security, risk, emergency preparedness, and business continuity.


The team develops a comprehensive report that highlights issues/concerns, as well as provides recommendations and proposed actions.

The team will then have a series of formal and informal meetings to understand the department’s workflow, as well as identify and discuss the issues and threats facing a department from a variety of perspectives.

The team then works independently to collect more data, assess other threats, and develop strategies and recommendations for mitigating risks.

After this work and review of a draft Vulnerability Assessment report, the assessment team provides the department director with a detailed written report and a list of practical action items to mitigate the identified risks. This assessment does not override or replace other legally required inspections or reporting that a department must complete.

A department may benefit from a Vulnerability Assessment if the following characteristics apply:

  • High daily traffic count/population
  • Conduct sensitive research or highly vulnerable operations
  • Have a significant insurance claim history
  • Generates significant revenue or expenditures

Any department director can request a full or partial Campus Vulnerability Assessment. A full assessment encompasses all the aspects described above while a partial assessment can address one or several focus areas.