Classroom Safety

Safety can be an easy topic to incorporate into class preparation and course materials.

Before class begins

  1. Determine what emergency information you will include on your class syllabus such as evacuation routes, assembly location (see below), or resource lists. 
  2. Sign up for UOAlert and/or confirm your existing registered number via DuckWeb.
  3. Consider classroom evacuation.
    • Visit your classrooms to check the building evacuation maps (posted in most hallways) for routes and building assembly area
    • Know at least two evacuation routes from each of your classrooms
    • Pick a specific assembly area, near the building’s designated area, for each class
  4. Print  hardcopies of the class rosters and keep with your class materials so that you will know if all students are present after an evacuation.

Suggested emergency information for syllabus

In Case of Emergency CALL 911. Call the UO Police Department (541) 346-2919 for non-emergency assistance.

If we need to evacuate the building during class, two possible evacuation routes include:  _______________________________

If we need to evacuate the building during class, our designated assembly point is: _______________________________

Be sure your cell phone is set up to receive UO Alert text messages: 1) Login to DuckWeb, 2) Click on the “Personal Information” menu, and 3) Click on “Enter/Update Emergency Alert Phone.”

Personal Safety